Introducing; Mastodon for Organisations training

Mastodon mascot on the LHS; lots of mastodon logos on the RHS, with grass, a few trees and a sun.

As Xitter continues to plumb the depths of free speech absolutism, empowering, enriching and emboldening far-right views, many people are starting to question whether the dominant forms of social media are appropriate for them or the organisations they work for.

Afallen has long been a pioneer of open source technologies, and we are proud to have been active participants in Mastodon since 2019. We believe that open source social media platforms like Mastodon offer a more socially just, hate-free way of communicating and organising.

We are delighted to offer a new training course; “Mastodon for Organisations”. Aimed at communication professionals or others who currently use social media within their working day, this 1-hour session will take you from ‘zero to hero’, and give you strategic insights into why and how you should use Mastodon.

Our trainer for this programme is David Clubb, a pioneer in the practical application of open source solutions within organisations. He has developed and delivered digital strategies, and is an experienced trainer online. His personal experience with Mastodon stretches back to 2018; there are few people better placed to support your organisation in this brave and open new digital world.

Open source social media is well-aligned with Wales’ Future Generations Goals and values. By joining Mastodon and the Fediverse, your organisation will be taking steps to a kinder, better-connected and more understanding world.

Find out more about the training and book onto it on our training page.