About Afallen

  • Afallen guides and advises individuals, projects, organisations and communities on sustainable development principles, strategy and actions
  • Our delivery framework is built on the Ways of Working and Goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act
  • Afallen is an active investor in Wales, reinvesting 10% of our profits in community share offerings
  • Our partners donate 10% of their profits to good causes each year.

Our values

Keeping money and skills in Wales

We invest in Wales-based people and organisations, recycling money into local communities across Wales.

Yr Iaith Gymraeg

We work through the medium of Welsh. Our Welsh language policy commits us to doing as much as possible for our staff, stakeholders and clients to facilitate the use of Welsh. We endorse and play an active delivery role in the Welsh Government’s ‘Cymraeg 2050; a Million Welsh Speakers’ strategy.

Supporting local resilience

We empower communities and organisations with the skills and knowledge to do more things for themselves.

Empowering open digital solutions

We champion open source solutions and platforms, and encourage and support others in their use.