We are registered with the ICO, number ZB275693. You can contact our data officer here.

Data we collect

We collect email addressedata-protection/s, phone numbers and company information about the people we work with, or of people who we think will be interested in our services. We obtain this information only from that provided through direct contact (such as email), or from social media sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Legitimate interest

We process data in the interests of carrying out our contracted work and to perform marketing activity.

You may request that you access the data we hold about you, or that we remove your personal data, by contacting our data officer.

Who we share your information with

Nobody, inside or outside the EU.

How we store your information

We store your information on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with its servers located in Germany. If we have not contacted someone within the last three years, we delete their information.

Your rights

Please use this link for a comprehensive listing of your rights with respect to the data we hold on you.


To make a complaint about our handling of your data, please contact our data officer here. If you do not obtain satisfaction with your complaint, please seek further guidance from ICO.

Date of last review

1 November 2021