From Wales. For Wales.

We are Wales’ leading sustainable development experts, helping organisations identify, embed and accelerate sustainability strategies for transparent, inclusive and long-term social, environmental, cultural and economic value. 

Afallen is based in Wales, with an extensive network of associates living and working across Wales. Our four partners have accumulated over 60 years experience in sustainable development, nationally and internationally.

Afallen guides and advises individuals, projects, organisations and communities on sustainable development principles, strategy and actions. All of Afallen’s work is underpinned by the Well-being of Future Generations Act, Ways of Working, and Goals. 

Afallen is an active investor in Wales, reinvesting 10% of our profits in community share offerings. Our partners also donate 10% of their profits to good causes each year.

In 2020 we donated 10% of our net profits to

In 2019 we donated 10% of our net profits to

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Our values align with yours.

We’re a values-based company. When you put your trust in us, you know you’re partnering with highly experienced professionals who value sustainability, nature and society. We exist to help retain more wealth and skills in Wales.


Wales has declared a nature and climate emergency. We are proud to play our part in Wales’ response.


We work with our clients and empower them to undertake more of their own work in-house, saving them money and improving internal skills over the longer term.

Pay it forward

Afallen gifts 10% of our net profits to good causes every year. Our Partners give back to society through participating in good causes directly and through Board representation.

About Us

Our Partners are some of Wales’ most experienced and innovative professionals. We maintain the highest standards in governance and integrity, whilst pushing the boundaries of thinking on sustainability, technology and society.