We focus on delivering the goals and ways of working of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act. We build intellectual, financial and social capital within the areas we operate.

We retain the learnings and experience of our activity, continually improving our offering based on our enhanced understanding.

We have a deep and direct understanding of Wales’ culture and communities which we embed into project and research work.

Our approach

We use the Five Ways of Working and the Seven Well-Being Goals to shape all our activity. This maximises the likelihood that the outcomes will provide sustainable, long-term benefit.

Through our evidence-based approach, and by working to the highest collaborative standards, our project delivery helps reduce the need for future interventions.


Ways of working

The Future Generations Act defines the five ways of working

We’ve incorporated them into everything we do


Long term

Our work prioritises sustainable development over the long-term, an approach which will benefit future generations, as well as adding immediate economic, social and environmental value to citizens today


We analyse and assess the impacts, both positive and negative, that decisions will have upon each of the well-being goals, in order to arrive at balanced and proportionate recommendations


We invoke the spirit and practice of involvement; working with stakeholders from a wide and representative set of organisations and circumstances, in order to properly reflect local distinctiveness and needs


We use our extensive Wales-wide networks, and our ‘person-centric’ delivery, to facilitate genuine collaboration between stakeholders, whether or not they are already known to one another



We work in partnership to co-produce the best outcomes possible, utilising the strengths and assets people and place have to contribute. This approach prevents more costly measures becoming neccessary later down the line

Committed to sustainability


Afallen is proud to support and champion open-source, local, environmental and ethical ways of doing business. This commitment adds value to our partners, stakeholders and wider society.

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