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Our projects

Social housing

We’re working with some of Wales’ most forward-thinking housing associations, to help them: 

  • Measure, monitor and understand their environmental impact
  • Plan for a future of more rainfall and rising sea levels, safeguarding property assets and people
  • Create and deliver a 10-year strategy on sustainability, with a long-term view on 2050

Industrial cluster research

  • Desktop research on the latest theory and good practice in cluster design and management
  • Proposals to fast-track the development of clusters based on specific technological themes
  • Stakeholder and potential cluster member mapping

National Park City

We were instrumental in helping kick-start the formation of Wales’ two National Park City campaigns, NPC Swansea and NPC Cardiff. We:

  • Created a bespoke bilingual website to promote the concept in Wales
  • Organised a conference in Cardiff, bringing the founder of the London National Park City to speak
  • Continue to liaise with a UK-wide movement to support the NPC concept

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    Committed to sustainability

    Afallen is proud to support and champion open-source, local, environmental and ethical ways of doing business. This commitment adds value to our partners, stakeholders and wider society.

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