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We build teams of experienced, trusted professionals to support your sustainability journey

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We use the Five Ways of Working and the Seven Well-Being Goals to shape all our activity. This maximises the likelihood that the outcomes will provide sustainable, long-term benefit.

Through our evidence-based approach, and by working to the highest collaborative standards, our project delivery helps reduce the need for future interventions.

Our core objective is to support Wales’ transition towards a truly sustainable society.

Our use of the Future Generations framework helps us consider preventative and long-term ways of safeguarding our ecosystems, whilst at the same time maximising the ability of our social, cultural and economic systems to respond positively to change.

We aim to keep as much value from our work as possible within Wales. That means prioritising Wales-based consultants and small businesses as partners and when building consortia.

We also go to considerable lengths to ensure that our own supply chain prioritises suppliers based in Wales. We consider a range of factors when procuring goods or services, not just cost.

By working towards the shared objectives of public, private and third-sector stakeholders, we ensure that health is a primary focus of our project delivery, especially where a standard project management approach would ignore the co-benefits to health which can arise from most projects.

We are accredited with the Living Wage and with Disability Committed, programmes aimed at opening opportunity and rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.

We develop our projects in a way that supports participation, engagement and benefit for all, regardless of their socio-economic or demographic circumstances.

We recognise that community underpins a civilised society, and our work strives to underpin the socio-economic rationale behind shared community resources such as libraries, open spaces and safe transport connections within and between different communities.

We offer all our services bilingually as default, and frequently provide commentary on environmental issues in the Welsh language media.

Our project delivery is sympathetic to culture as an economic and social enabler, and as the common experience that bonds communities locally and nationally.

With our focus on helping organisations implement zero-carbon, environmentally-benign solutions, and our support for local enterprise and procurement, we play our part in the global campaign to reduce carbon emissions and to support the foundational economy in Wales.

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  • 🙌 We're pleased to see that the UK is a signatory to the EU-US Global Methane Pledge initiative that will be launched at COP26 in November 🙌  Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and causes additional health and environmental problems locally. Delivery of the pledge will reduce global heating by 0.2°C by 2050 🐮
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Committed to sustainability

Afallen is proud to support and champion open-source, local, environmental and ethical ways of doing business. This commitment adds value to our partners, stakeholders and wider society.

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