Mastodon mascot on the LHS; lots of mastodon logos on the RHS, with grass, a few trees and a sun.

Mastodon for organisations

This one-hour session is aimed at people new to Mastodon who want to get up to speed on how to reap the benefits of this platform for their organisation – fast!


12 key components
  1. Why Mastodon is(n’t) Twitter/X.
    • Different culture
    • Different technology
    • Different way of operating
  2. Picking a server (instance)
  3. Finding who to follow
  4. Navigating the web interface
  5. Privacy settings
  6. Muting and blocking
  7. Lists – don’t miss a single important message!
  8. Hashtags and groups
  9. Impact, reach and analytics
  10. Good practice in accessibility
  11. Federating with other platforms
  12. ‘Do’s and don’ts’ for organisations on Mastodon


£39+VAT per person

  • Virtual session
  • Video recording of the session
  • Full resource document packed with relevant information
  • Certificate of attendance

Your trainer: Dr David Clubb

Head photo of David Clubb

David is a highly experienced trainer, first being accredited with Lantra in 2008. From 2015 to 2018 he was Head of Digital for RenewableUK, developing and delivering the strategy to ‘engage, enthuse and delight’.

He has since specialised in online training, recently co-delivering a series of training courses on good governance for more than 50 people across five training programmes on behalf of Welsh Government. Last summer he delivered training to 200 school students on advanced learning techniques. Feedback from his most recent training:

  • “Knowledgeable and engaging”
  • “Provided valuable insights”
  • “Very engaging and encouraging”

David was a very early adopter of Mastodon, joining in 2018. He is a moderator and an administrator for the Wales-focused instance;


This training takes place on Thursdays at 1000h British Summer Time (BST). We are able to organise different times for bookings of two or more from a single organisation.


We are able to take booking payments by card or via invoice.

The link above is to arrange training in English. If you would like to receive Mastodon training through the medium of Welsh, please drop us a line.