Afallen LLP (hereafter Afallen) is a consultancy offering sustainability and project management services throughout Wales and beyond.

We make note of the Welsh Government Code of Practice on Ethical Employment, and sign up to the 11 point plan to embody the requirements within our activities

  1. This document is our written policy on ethical employment within Afallen and our supply chains. It is subject to annual review. Our appointed anti-slavery and ethical employment champion (ASEEC) is Mari Arthur (Partner)
  2. We encourage openness, transparency and accountability in our operations, and we request that any concerns about our employment practices, including the issue of modern slavery, are communicated directly to Mari Arthur in the first instance, or another of the Partners if the issue involves Mari Arthur herself. Contact details of all Partners are available on the website.
  3. We currently have no staff, but we do contract with external contractors. We commit to paying all our suppliers at least the Living Wage, and are a recognised Living Wage accredited organisation. Our ASEEC is responsible for managing the Real Living Wage in Wales, and regularly updates herself on issues around ethical employment and modern slavery
  4. We commit to including this document in all procurement documentation; include appropriate questions on ethical employment in tenders; incorporate elements of the Code as conditions of contract as appropriate; and ask bidders to explain the impact that low costs may have on their workers each time an abnormally low quote or tender is received
  5. We commit to ensuring that we do not unduly pressure our suppliers if this is likely to result in unethical treatment of workers; and we commit to paying our suppliers in the most timely fashion possible, at least within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice, as long as our client has made those funds available to us
  6. We expect our suppliers to sign up to the Code of Practice, and we communicate this expectation to them
  7. We regularly review our expenditure to assess risks to unethical employment practices in the UK and overseas. Our procurement specifies Fair Trade products where practicable. Where high risk suppliers are identified we will investigate directly. We will work with our suppliers to rectify any issues of illegal or unethical employment. Where we engage with high risk suppliers, this issue will be a standing item in meetings and reviews
  8. Where we contract with individuals, we do so only with those who are deliberately (and not falsely) self-employed
  9. We expect our suppliers to allow their staff to join a Trade Union or collective agreement, or any related activity, without risk of discrimination. We do not use blacklists nor will we make use of suppliers who use them
  10. We are registered with the Real Living Wage, and through our procurement of Fair Trade products we encourage a fair wage to be paid overseas
  11. We commit to producing an annual statement outlining the steps taken during the financial year, and plans for future activities, to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in our organisation or supply chains. This statement will be signed by the Partners and made available online. We will sign up to the online register.
Mari Arthur; Partner23 June 2019