Hiraeth Energy; embedding the community in renewable energy

We are delighted to see that Hiraeth Energy is partnering with Norwegian based Magnora offshore wind to jointly develop two floating wind projects in the Celtic Sea.

Of course, we would say that; Afallen is a Partner in Hiraeth Energy, and we have been working alongside the other team members to try to make the projects a reality.

From the start, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to be part of a team based in Wales who all have a personal commitment to maximising the benefits of the projects to Wales.

That means:

  • Ensuring that a 10% share of both projects is owned on behalf of the people of Wales by a registered Community Benefit Company (or equivalent)
  • Working with partners right across the supply chain to maximise the opportunities for companies, large and small, across Wales
  • Trying to understand and mitigate likely environmental impact and working as closely as possible with environmental organisations to shape the projects

We’re really pleased that Hiraeth Energy has stood true to those commitments. We’re equally happy that Magnora understands the reasons for us wanting to maximise the benefits for Wales, and is highly supportive of this approach.

We would love to see Hiraeth Energy successfully develop their floating wind projects, and then consider future Welsh projects – each time challenging themselves and others to increase the proportion that is community-owned. However, that’s probably a fair way off yet. For the time being, we’re just happy to celebrate this next step in community ownership of energy projects in Wales!