A black and white photo of a riverbank in the foreground, and some small sailing boats and the Severn Bridge in the background

Investigating recreational use of the Severn Estuary

What is the project?

The Severn Estuary, stretching between England and Wales, is one of the UK’s most dynamic habitats, providing a sanctuary for a diverse array of marine life, migratory birds, and unique plant species. For recreation, it’s a go-to spot for outdoor activities, from walking to watersports.

Your feedback plays a pivotal role in preserving this balance, ensuring that the estuary continues to thrive for future generations while serving as a beloved recreational spot. Your voice matters in shaping its future.

This project, funded by Natural England and delivered by Afallen working with the Severn Estuary Partnership, will help to build evidence towards a strategic solution for recreational disturbance in this area.

How can I participate?

We launched a survey that finished on 8 December 2023. Natural England will use the results of the survey to help:

  • Understand how better to provide information to visitors
  • Plan for minimising disturbance to birds from recreational activities, particularly at times of year when they are most sensitive, such as wintering
  • Prepare for possible further in-depth studies on how to best cater for the wide range of activities that people want to carry out in the Severn Estuary

The map below indicates the approximate location of people who responded to the survey

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