Officially branded

The Afallen logo; a stylised apple tree

Another step

This week saw another significant step in Afallen’s evolution. Although we have been registered as a company since October, we hadn’t – until this week – had a chance to celebrate the company with our friends and colleagues from across our networks.

That all changed this week, with our official launch, a thoroughly enjoyable event which saw nearly fifty people turn up to hear more about Afallen, and how we aim to play our part in making Wales, and the world, a more sustainable place.

We also took the opportunity to reveal our new logo to the attendees. We were fortunate enough to secure the services of Hannah Garcia of Blod Design in the redesign, who is something of a specialist in creating beautiful logos for organisations with a strong environmental drive.

Our previous logo was a thing of beauty, created and gifted to the world through Creative Commons (something we love!) via OpenClipArt. However, being freely usable by anybody, we decided that we needed something a bit more bespoke.

Hannah recognised the significance of the apple tree to sustainability, and incorporated our style suggestions into something which is distinctive, unique, and represents the three founding partners through the number of apples in the tree.

Poetry, cider and great company

We were delighted to be supported on the evening by an insight into the historical and cultural significance of the name Afallen in Welsh Literature, by Y Prifardd Aled Gwyn. In his beautiful and passionate description of the word, and its relevance to Welsh culture spanning more than eight hundred years, he included selected readings, including part of the famous poem, ‘Ymadawiad Arthur’. This poem was sufficiently highly regarded to elevate the author, T. Gwynn Jones, to the Eisteddfod Chair in 1902, and is considered a landmark achievement in 20th Century Welsh literature.

On an evening of culture and superb company, we were very happy to have brought together so many wonderful people. Officially launched, and with a new logo, we are already working hard to serve clients, communities and climate through our unique partnerships and ways of working.