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  • Reinventing Afallen

    Reinventing Afallen

    This guest post is by David Clubb I was recently made aware of a superb book on organisational structure and management called ‘reinventing organisations’. It’s an unusual book; firstly, you don’t have to pay anything up front. The author requests that you pay him what you think it’s worth, and only after you’ve had a…

  • Our new website

    Our new website

    We’ve updated our website to make it more accessible, more privacy-friendly and less code-heavy

  • Wales’ Climate Emergency

    Wales’ Climate Emergency

    It’s going to take radically different action to avoid tragic outcomes for our ecosystems, writes David Clubb, Partner at Afallen

  • Why Afallen?

    Why Afallen?

    David – one of Afallen’s founding Partners – left a good job in the renewable energy sector for something different and full of risk. But why?