Supporting Mastodon in Wales

A bald man in a purple jacket standing in front of some trees, with some text in Welsh superimposed at the top of the picture

One of Afallen’s values is championing the use of Creative Commons and open source solutions.

This is because we believe – and the evidence supports our view – that a cooperative and co-production approach provides bigger overall benefits to society than a purely commercial economy.

Our first White Paper outlined the potential for Wales that could accrue from supporting open source.

In practising what we preach, we have embraced two open-source social media platforms; Mastodon (like an open-source version of Twitter), and Pixelfed (similar to Instagram but free and open source).

Afallen Partner David Clubb has been a moderator on Toot.Wales, the Welsh instance of Mastodon, since 2018, and is now on the governing body.

Toot.Wales is nearly five years old, and David recently gave an interview to S4C about his experiences with the platform – and why it’s been growing so quickly over the last year.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of an open-source approach to your organisation’s operations and communications, you can get in touch with David via email, or of course, via Mastodon on Toot.Wales!