Author: David Clubb

  • Reinventing Afallen

    Reinventing Afallen

    This guest post is by David Clubb I was recently made aware of a superb book on organisational structure and management called ‘reinventing organisations’. It’s an unusual book; firstly, you don’t have to pay anything up front. The author requests that you pay him what you think it’s worth, and only after you’ve had a…

  • Walking the (sustainability) walk

    Walking the (sustainability) walk

    We founded Afallen in October 2018 on a set of values. We wanted Afallen to be the embodiment of our personal commitments to seeing Wales fulfill its potential as a sustainable country, demonstrating practical ways to improve the way we live, in a way which enriches every citizen and supports our ecosystems. One of the…

  • Nor-way in the lead on electric vehicles

    Nor-way in the lead on electric vehicles

    The European Environment Agency has updated its data on the number of new electric vehicles purchased in Europe. When analysed as a proportion of the total cars, Norway is the out-and-out leader. The UK is a mid-table player, but this disguises very large variations by country. Northern Ireland and Wales are both poorly served by…

  • Open source social media will save our democracy

    Open source social media will save our democracy

    This guest blog post was written by our Partner, David Clubb. Afallen is proud to support, champion and use open source social media networks including Pixelfed and Mastodon. We’re happy to work with organisations to help you understand, and incorporate, open source social media into your digital strategy and workflow. In an opinion piece in…

  • Supporting the vulnerable: Challenge 2050

    Supporting the vulnerable: Challenge 2050

    This blog post was written for Cymorth Cymru by David Clubb, ahead of him holding a presentation and workshop on climate change at their annual conference on March 26, 2020. How about this for irony; those who have contributed least to climate change, stand to suffer the greatest (1). This is as true globally as…

  • Accelerating sustainability

    Accelerating sustainability

    We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been successful in securing a place in the next cohort of companies for the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator. This competitive process rewards companies with a range of support services which can help accelerate their development. The application process comprised an application form, an interview, and the delivery of a 60-second…

  • Our new website

    Our new website

    We’ve updated our website to make it more accessible, more privacy-friendly and less code-heavy

  • Wales underwater?

    Wales underwater?

    The Wales of 2050 will be a very different place. Our society, technology, culture and economy have always changed over generational timescales, so there’s nothing inherently original or insightful in my opening statement. However the changes to come will be manifestly different to those experienced by previous generations. That’s because our current and future generations…

  • Congestion Charge Cardiff – the Future Generations Approach

    Congestion Charge Cardiff – the Future Generations Approach

    We think that a Congestion Charge – or Clean Air Zone – should be implemented in Cardiff. It’s in line with the Well-being Goals.

  • Supporting girls & women in STEM

    Supporting girls & women in STEM

    Afallen is carrying out practical work to help support girls and women in fulfilling their aspirations in STEM